Car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Veliko Tarnovo will take you wherever you wish from any location of the old capital of Bulgaria.

When you contact us we will provide maximum accuracy, transparency and comfort of the cars you hire. Our extensive experience and clients from all over the world ease to a maximum extent our users who wish to travel swiftly and comfortably.


Our prices are competitive but our inexpensive services are not opposed to the quality we offer for which you will be assured if you are looking for rental cars with Go Rent-a-Car Veliko Tarnovo. We will offer you the best, inexpensive rental cars with special attitude to any detail and any need you may have towards the car.

Do not miss to visit our offices or to contact us directly by phone or through any of the other contact forms to book quickly and easily your car according to your requirements. Enjoy Veliko Tarnovo with car hire services Go Rent-a-Car.


Congratulations if you have chosen Veliko Tarnovo for your vacation. This is one of a kind city with unique history and lots of places to see. By hiring a car with us you will have the opportunity, the time and the convenience to visit all places, without worrying and wasting precious time.

If you have a business meeting in Veliko Tarnovo or you have to organize the transport of your business partners, car hire services Go Rent-a-Car will relieve you of this obligation, you will be left with the freedom to attend to your business.

The opportunity we offer you to book in advance a rental car with car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Veliko Tarnovo guarantees high quality, direct prices and servicing, without intermediaries, fees or commissions.

Discover the atmosphere and the beauty of Veliko Tarnovo, hire a car with Go Rent-a-Car and feel the delight to drive our cars and the opportunity to visit all monuments and cultural sites of the old Bulgarian capital.

Car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Veliko Tarnovo set the standard in hiring a car.  We will adapt your search with your itinerary and reason to travel. We will provide, should you need and wish so, a highly qualified driver who will eliminate your worries about finding a parking space.

Enjoy all the corners of the city, of holidays and traditions, of plentiful cuisine with car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Veliko Tarnovo. Take your rent voucher and at arrival take your rental car from the office and start your trip from there.


Hiring a car with car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Veliko Tarnovo gives you a lot of various possibilities. We recommend that you make a tour of the city by car in order to discover its full charm.

The cultural heritage of the city also attracts thousands of visitors each year. At the historical center of Veliko Tarnovo you can enjoy the comfort of our cars and the possibility to see all places of interest without tiring your feet and losing your nerve.


With car hire services Go Rent-a-Car, Veliko Tarnovo will surprise you at each corner you visit and you will be able to go wherever you wish.

Most big cities have public transport systems which allow you easily to move from one location to another but unfortunately this is not valid for all touristic destinations and it can take time and money.


Well, it is a rental car, of course! Together we will choose the best and economic car which will comply with your requirements in terms of comfort and convenience. If you need a navigation system, a kid’s seat, additional luggage space etc., just share this with us and we will be with you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

No matter if you travel for business or pleasure, our final goal is for you to save time and money so that you can focus on the important stuff – by planning the entertaining part of your trip or your business deals.

Put your trust in car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Veliko Tarnovo so that you can make sure that it DOES matter what you are traveling by.

Have a safe trip!

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