If you need a rental car in Sozopol, contact Go Rent-a-Car. You have made it to paradise – our beautiful Black sea town of Sozopol. There you will need nothing more but sun, sea and, of course, a car to visit all the corners, places of interest and beautiful spots. So search no more for rental cars, do not worry and just contact Sozopol Go Rent-a-Car.

What we can impress you with?

If you are already in Sozopol, then you are surely impressed. But without a vehicle you are doomed. So much beauty in one place. That is why you will need a rental car. Go Rent-a-Car are fast. We will not let you wait any longer. Just call us and we will provide you with the right car quickly and according to your wishes. Fast, economic, small or big. Just tell us what you need.

When you search for rental cars in Sozopol the quality of the service should not be underestimated. Do not settle for less, search for your rights and we will grant them to you including with your obligations to our car. Because we should not forget that every client is important as well as the cars we present. We prioritize the quality and comfort of our cars. They are our investment and we want you to feel good, to be relaxed and to regard our car as your own when you step into it. By keeping the car intact you show your attitude towards your property and we thank you for that.

Speed does not matter but you wish to arrive to your destination on time, don’t you? Car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Sozopol are one of the most innovative companies on the market where your comfort and safety during a trip are a priority. Time is precious and we know that. That is why our cars undergo strict technical control every day so that we could guarantee your comfort and safety.

Our team

We at car hire services Go-rent-a car count on the human factor although we live in a modern technological society. Our assistants will be at your disposal at any time. You can count on polite service, individual offers and a smile. What else could one possibly look for, right?

All the drivers of Go Rent-a-Car are qualified, discreet and not intruding. If you decide to totally enjoy your trip and to request a driver we will provide you with a professional who will guarantee your comfort and safety on the road.

Our cars

Car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Sozopol can provide any class of cars, depending on your needs. Luxury or standard model, economic or not, for a business meeting or a vacation – you can trust us. Any additional extras can be provided right away, with just one call. Kid’s seat, additional luggage space etc., we at car hire services Go Rent-a-Car in Sozopol are prepared for any situation.

Our maintenance

The technical condition of the car you hire is guaranteed. Our certified technicians and maintenance team are at your disposal 24 hours, 7 days a week. Should an emergency appear, they are available, at the service of our clients.

Transfer, business trip or excursion

All the car hire services at Go Rent-a-Car have transparent terms for the convenience and clearness of our clients. For your convenience our assistants will prepare the most suitable individual offer or together you will choose any of the packages offered by us which ease the deals and are at super preferential prices.

It does not matter whether you choose a transfer from location A to location B or engage us for your business trips or dream vacation. All services are regulated and you will be very clear what you will get for your money. No small letters, tiny script or double meanings. Just share with us exactly what you need and together we will choose the most suitable and good solution for you.

Low cost offers and discounts

We offer high level of quality and service to all our clients. Our special and regular customers, who you can also be, can count on our special low cost offers and discounts. You can find a low cost car anytime cheaply and quickly and as our regular customer we can provide you good discounts and price reductions.

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