The convenience of Go Rent a Car

Rental cars in Sofia, call Go Rent a Car – for a safe and comfortable trip.

If your work is dynamic, you travel a lot, you do not always have the time and you are in Sofia and you must quickly and safely get to a given location, you can count on Go Rent a Car – car hire services in Sofia.

What do we offer?

  • Well maintained vehicles. Our cars are technically fit, comfortable and safe. For your convenience and discretion we do not brand our cars so that you can feel comfortable as if you were in your own car.
  • A great variety and renewed fleet of vehicles. New and modern, luxury and standard. Car hire services Go Rent a Car in Sofia give you the freedom to choose from global brands and different models according to your preferences and destination.
  • Transfers. Each capital presupposes heavy traffic and difficult transportation, parking and stay. This is no longer your concern. Car hire services Go Rent a Car in Sofia will guarantee you the comfort and punctuality for all your business meetings and trips. If you wish to rent a car in Sofia, we will meet you or your partner at the airport, provide a driver and discreetly and without intrusion will get you to any location requested by you.
  • Operational leasing. If you have a strictly regulated schedule which forces you to periodically use car hire services in Sofia, together we can plan in advance your travel comfort through our operational leasing. For more information, please contact us so you can hire a car in Sofia repeatedly and for a longer period of time. We will respond to all your requirements and questions.

Searching for rental cars in Sofia you can quickly and easily book our cars with just one call and get the maximum of your vacation or business trip. Search no more. We will be your ally during all your trips, no matter if within the capital or not. We know there are places which are not planned for some tours but which you maybe would like to see. Thus:

  • We have all-terrain vehicles specialized for trips to all kind of terrains.
  • You can rent car hire services Go Rent a Car in Sofia for an hour, two hours, a day, two or for a longer period.
  • We are available 24/7. We will not leave you alone on the road.
  • If you wish to add some extras, you can make this happen. Car hire services Go Rent a Car in Sofia will provide you with a kid’s seat, GPS and anything you need for your unforgettable trip or for a quick and timely meeting.

Our mission, besides the comfort and safety of your trip, is that you choose the correct rental car in Sofia. We don’t want you to hire our services once and never want to hear about us again. That is why our prices are competitive and our services are personalized and designed especially for our clients. We will provide you all the available information so that we could choose together the best for you.

While searching for a rental car in Sofia you will be impressed with our exclusive low prices and free extras which will make you our long-term customer. We will provide you the most inexpensive price according to your rental needs so that we could help you find the perfect vehicle.

In order to find rental cars in Sofia you need neither experience, nor it is necessary to know the capital, even it is not mandatory to know Bulgarian. We at Go Rent a Car have chosen the best assistants and drivers so that you can receive the best return for your money.

Entering our website to find a rental car in Sofia you will quickly and easily navigate according to your needs and preferences. We will make your trip a delightful experience with friendly attitude and professionalism, discreet escort and quality service.

Go Rent a Car has the best team, always ready to provide quality, timely and efficient service. Don`t worry about the car hire process. We have done our best to make it as simple and easy as possible so that you can get your dream car right away.

If you are searching for a rental car in Sofia, just set the date, the time, the model and the place and leave the rest to us. Our assistants are always available to cooperate and assist you. Renting a car in Sofia can take time, but not if you trust Go Rent a Car.

The energy is yours. Save it by choosing to hire a car in Sofia with Go Rent a Car.

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