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Transfers with

In the table below you can find the basic prices for standard transfers from Varna airport.

Destination One Way
/max 4 people/
Two Way
/max 4 people/
Duration of transfer
/one way/
Transfer between Varna Airport & Varna €25.00 €40.00 15m
Transfer between Burgas Airport & Varna €100.00 €190.00 2h
Transfer between Varna Airport & St. Constantine €30.00 €45.00 40m
Transfer between Varna Airport & Sunny Beach €80.00 €150.00 1h.30m
Transfer between Varna Airport & St. Vlas €80.00 €150.00 1h.30m
Transfer between Varna Airport & Balchik €40.00 €75.00 1h
Transfer between Varna Airport & Golden Sands €30.00 €50.00 30m
Transfer between Varna Airport & Sozopol €85.00 €185.00 2h.20m
Transfer netween Varna & Sofia Airport €195.00 €370.00 5h
Transfer between Sofia Airport & Bansko €80.00 €150.00 2h
Transfer between Varna & Plovdiv €165.00 €325.00 4h.20m
Transfer between Plovdiv and Sofia Airport €75.00 €130.00 1h.20m

For all other services you can send an inquiry or contact us at:
Direct contact phone: +359 897 86 15 82


Send a transfer request

By performing a wide range of transport services, CarRentalsBulgaria offers its clients also transfer services. We can provide you with a variety of cars and minibuses of different class, number of seats and size to be of maximum benefit to you.

No matter if

        you want a shuttle from and to the airport
        want to meet friends
        you are expecting a visit by your business partners
        looking for a car for your wedding or a ball

we can meet your needs

All transfers are made by car or minibus according to the specific needs of the client. Our drivers are highly qualified and fluent in English and Russian. We know that discretion in such situations is important, so our cars are not branded and the clothing of our drivers is formal.

Our service is based on several basic principles:

    individual attention
    flexibility in performing the tasks
    correct service

All of this, according to us, contributes to an exceptional quality of service and contributes to your peace of mind and confidence that you are in safe hands.

In the prices are included, the price of the car and the driver for an 8-hour period. All extra hours are subject to prior arrangement and are additionally paid.