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Toyota Rav4 or Similar / Class: 4×4

55,00 /for 1 day
duration Price
for 1 day 80,00 /for 1 day
from 2 to 5 days 62,00 /for 1 day
more than 5 days 57,00 /for 1 day

All Local taxes

Free Cancellation Policy

Free additional drivers

Deposit for rent - Depending on the rent period

When renting for 1 day, a mileage limit of 150 km is required. For 2-5 days limit of 350 km for the entire reservation

Type of car SUV 4x4
gearbox Manual
Seats 4+1
luggage Large suitcase: 3
small suitcase: 2
engine 3.0
Equipment Airbag
Central locking
Air Conditioned
5 doors
Power mirrors
Electic Windows

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