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Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions

These are our general rental conditions. Clear, easy and without surprises.

If you have any doubts about them, please contact us by phone (00359 897 86 15 82) or write us an e-mail to will be happy to assist you.

All bookings by their nature are considered to be non-refundable.

Clear, All-inclusive rates

No surprises. When you book with Car Rentals Bulgaria, you know what you’ll pay. Our rates include:

— All Local taxes: VAT , Vignette
— Unlimited mileage for rentals more than 3 days
— Basic CDW*
— Free Cancellation Policy
— Free additional drivers

Guaranteed car category

When you make your booking, you have to state the category of the car you wish to rent. Our team will do their best to provide you with the required car. If it is not available, we guarantee that you will get a higher category car at the same price.

Free airport delivery Sofia, Varna and Burgas

The service to the airport is free. At all our destinations we have either a desk at the Airport or one of the staff members will wait for you at the meeting point

Out of hours delivery

– If the vehicle is rented or returned in non working hours, an additional fee of 20.00 € applies. Working hours: Monday – Sunday 08:00h – 20:00h.

Drivers and additional drivers regulation

– The renting person is considered to be the driver of the vehicle.

– All additional drivers are free of charge

– The renter can also appoint a different person to be the driver of the vehicle

– A company driver can be arranged at an additional rate of EURO 20.00 per day (8 hours)

Rental period

– Minimal rental period is 24 hours.

– If the vehicle is returned after the end of the period without notice in advance, the Renter will be charged as follow:
— until 1 hour – free of charge;
— 1-4 hours – rate for half day;
— 4 hours and more – rate for a whole day.

Driving license requirements

The driver must be in possession of a valid driving license that allows him also to drive in the E.U. The driver must have held his driving license for at least two years. All drivers have to be at least 23 years of age.

Fuel Policy

– Customer will have to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel.

– The vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel. Fuel consumption is payable by the Renter. In case the car is returned with less fuel than rented the Renter must pay for the missing fuel and an additional fee of 10 €.

Payment by credit card upon pick up

– The rental price shall be payable at the signing of the contract in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card – VISA, EURO/MasterCard, Borica

– Payment can be made by credit card at the time of pick up. The owner of the credit card must be present upon collection. When making the online reservation the customer has to provide us with all the necessary details otherwise the reservation will not be admitted.

– If you make your booking through our Internet form, a “Secure Transmission”, or secure server will be used.

Remember, your rental is only for Bulgaria

– Our vehicles may not be taken abroad.

Pick up and Drop off

-The drop off place can be different than the pick up place. If the drop of place is in another city than additional fee will apply.

Guarantee of privacy and security of your data

– Car Rentals Bulgaria respects the customer’s privacy and does not sell or rent any confidential information to third parties. All the data is encrypted

Deposit and Insurance

– Deposit is required for all rentals.

– At the signing the contract, as a warranty, the customer shall deposit an amount, stated in the tariff. The deposit shall be released upon returning the car, after it has been checked for the damages.

– Please note: In case of damage or theft of the vehicle the Renter is obligated to provide all needed documents/protocols from the Police authorities. Otherwise the Renter is liable for the full amount of the respective damages or the full insurance amount in case of total loss or theft. The renter is fully liable for partial theft, loss of parts, accessories.

The normal insurance does not cover the following:

– Flat tires

– Damage to third parties due to negligence or reckless driving.

– Damage caused to the vehicle due to negligence or reckless driving.

– Inadequate refuelling.

– Damage to tires and wheels.

– Loss of documents or damage of car keys or remote locks. Depending on the type of vehicle the charge ranges between € 50 and € 150

– Damage to the lock, upholstery and rear shelf.

– Damage or loss of the child seats or booster seats.

– Damage or loss of ariels, car jack, security triangles, wiper-blades.

– Damage to the engine due to negligence.

– Damage to the vehicle’s underside (housing, bodywork, etc.)

– Driving under the effects of the alcohol, drugs etc.


Additional insurance:

— *Basic CDW(Collision Damage Waiver) – (Also known as  Damage Waiver DW ,  Loss Damage Waiver LDW and Excess Insurance)

Covers the costs of damage to the rental vehicle in the event of an accident. The collision damage waiver protects you in the event that you damage an automobile that you have rented. It protects you by transferring the responsibility for the cost of the damage from you to the car rental company.

Our Basic CDW limits renter liability to €500
(For example: You’ve rented a car and You’re involved in an accident that causes 2000 € worth of damage to your hire car. In this case, you’d have to pay only 500 € – even if the accident wasn’t your fault.)

— Super CDW(Collision Damage Waiver) – The insurance is optional and it is not included in price. limits renter liability to € 0!
(For example:  You’ve rented a car and You’re involved in an accident that causes €2000  worth of damage to your hire car. In this case, you’d have to pay only € 0 – even if the accident wasn’t your fault.)

— TP (Theft Protection Coverage) – The insurance is optional and it is not included in price. limits renter liability to € 0!
(Also known as Theft Waiver (TW) and Theft Protection TP)
TPC does not cover stolen personal contents. TPC will not be covered if the theft occurred because of your negligence (e.g. left in ignition).

–AI (Additional Insurance) – The insurance is optional and it is not included in price. limits renter liability to € 0!
(For example: You’ve rented a car and you have incident with glasses, mirrors, wheels or with one of the *tires. In this situation limits renter liability is € 0!

All car reservations have the option to include Super CDW(Collision Damage Waiver). In case of damage
to more than one detail, the LESSEE is obliged to call CarRentalsBulgaria to specify the procedure for the
establishment of damages. Upon failure to claim damages, the LESSOR reserves the right to withhold 150
leva for each subsequent damaged item after the first.

*The insurance cover up to 1 (one) tire per rental period.

— Super Cover (The insurance includes – Super CDW, TP и AI) – The insurance is optional and it is not included in price.