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Rent a Car in Sofia – Quickly, Easily and Safely

Need to rent a car in Sofia? We offer the perfect solution – choose from a range of modern, well-maintained vehicles – all regularly inspected and fully covered. Whether you’re already in the city or are planning ahead for a forthcoming trip, you’ll be able to quickly and easily source the right vehicle for your needs. We’re best known as a provider of low-cost car hire in Bulgaria, but that doesn’t mean that all of our vehicles aren’t:
Regularly assessed and maintained – before you get it, after you return it and twice yearly on top of that, we check all of our vehicles to make sure they’re in top condition. This means everything from the tires to the seatbelts are regularly tested and inspected.
New and modern luxury and standard models – we have various models of vehicles from the top manufacturers, including Mercedes and Audi, the most popular Renaults, Volkswagens and Peugeots, and vehicles with origins as varied as Skoda and Chevrolet.
Delivered wherever you need them – from car hire at Sofia Airport Terminal 1 to anywhere else in the country, we deliver your vehicle to wherever you need it to be.
Backed by 24-hour phone support coverage – chat with us when you need to rent a car in Sofia and be sure that we set up your service exactly how you need it to work. Our support team speaks many languages, including English.
Book airport transfers and transport to business meetings
You can also use us as a luxury or convenient airport transfer alternative.
Though car rental from Sofia International Airport is perhaps our most popular option, many of our clients prefer to be transferred to their hotel or Airbnb before they want to have to start worrying about driving on roads which might be different to what they’re used to. Whichever you prefer, we are more than happy for your vehicle to meet you there. Or you can simply use us for the transfer alone, relying on Bulgaria’s efficient public transport for the rest of your trip.
Trust the quality as well as the vehicle
Our low prices are a handy side-effect of the sterling reputation we’ve gathered and the popularity of our services. But – especially if you’re a first-time visitor to beautiful Bulgaria – we understand that you may have some concerns about a company which lets you rent a car in Sofia so cheap. To allay this, we provide round-the-clock phone support, optionally in English alongside all of our vehicles, as well as various other types of security support.
If you need to know more about this, please do ask us when you get in touch to rent a car in Sofia.
Get exactly what you need from car hire in Sofia

Your needs for car hire in Sofia are likely to be unique. So do make sure you tell us exactly what you want when you get in touch. Thanks to the flexibility and coverage we offer, we’ll almost certainly be able to meet your needs – whatever they are.
From budget car rental at Sofia Airport to luxury car hire or transfers designed for business meetings you have planned in the city, we have all of your bases covered. You can customise your service to:
Include all the little extras to complete your service – travelling with children? Request a car seat. Need to navigate? Get GPS installed. Whatever you need to be added to your service for car hire in Sofia, we’re able to oblige.
Feature town cars, jeeps, luxury vehicles – whatever type of road travelling you’re doing in and around the city, we’ve made ourselves the best rent a car in Sofia. We have a dynamic range of vehicles ideal for any holiday or business plan you might have.
Be an easy way to rent a vehicle or an airport or business transfer – a vehicle and skilled driver, straightforward car rental from Sofia Airport onwards, a vehicle delivered to a particular spot in the city or throughout wider Bulgaria, simply tell us what your plans include. We’ll make it happen.
Get mobile instantly or plan an out-of-town vacation
With us, you can be behind the wheel of a smart, modern, well-maintained vehicle as soon as you land. Or request that we deliver your vehicle to your hotel, the street where your Airbnb is located, or any location within Sofia or elsewhere in Bulgaria.
Talk to us about your plans, your budget – any aspect of your service – and we’ll be happy to help and advise you on getting the best deal. From the most cost-effective way to rent a car at Sofia Airport to the efficient delivery of one of our luxury-brand vehicles and a professional chauffeur for your commercial needs.
Talk to the experts when you need Bulgaria car hire
24/7 phone support means that you get in touch with one of our helpful advisors whenever you need to – and whatever time zone you’re in. Or why not fill in our online booking form and tell us about the most convenient time to call you back? We can phone whenever that might be. Our team speaks a variety of languages, including English.
You can also reach us via our online chat facility to discuss your need for car hire in Sofia at any time.

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